Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching For A Sales Leader Of A Startup

28. January 2018
CROWDCONSULTANTS helped a market leader in the field of corporate health management (BGM) to professionalise and expand sales activities, applying performance-based remuneration.


• The founding team had founded the company during their studies and had already achieved 5 years of successful growth, but

   • due to a lack of prior professional qualification, not enough experience in setting up a modern nationwide sales organisation,

   • with each growth and financing round, more and more other tasks to do and even less time for sales tasks.

• Despite professional external support, one of the founders was to act as a sales manager in the medium to long term.


• Long-term provision of a CROWDCONSULTANT as an interim manager, with the option to terminate at any time without notice, with

   • many years of experience as Sales Executive with comparable products,

  • trainer training,

  • coaching experience,

  • flexibility for part-time assignments including investor and customer appointments.

• On a case-by-case basis, free support from other executives from the CROWDCONSULTANTS network for customer acquisition and as sparring partner for the revision of the sales pitch.


• Fast, flexible, professional and sustainable support in the following areas

  • Sales strategy, planning and control;

  • Development of key account management for major customers;

  • Expansion, training and coaching of the sales team.

• Favourable solution without cost risk due to remuneration based on results (KPIs) and time expenditure

• Free leads to/contracts with customers via the CROWDCONSULTANTS network.