Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching for an IT Manager

28. January 2018
A CROWDCONSULTANT helped the IT manager of an automotive supplier to overcome a professional and personal crisis, to redefine her life and career goals and to regain the strength for a gradual return to new tasks at the old employer.


• Young female manager in the tension between growing professional responsibility and at the same time aspiration to look after her newly founded and growing family in the best possible way.

• Doctors diagnose symptoms of burnout and recommend a longer-term illness peri.

• The employer feels obliged to the employee and recommends coaching paid by the employer.


• Suggestion of alternative coaches who had personally experienced similar situations and successfully mastered them.

• Selection of the coach by the coachee.

• Solution-oriented short-term coaching over several months with regular coordination between coachee, client and coach.

• Preparation for and support during gradual reintegration into the company (Hamburg Model).


• Successful reintegration after 6 months with duties and working hours adapted to the personal life situation.