Digital Strategy & Implementation Planning

Current-State Assessment for IT Strategy

28. January 2018
As part of an IT strategy project at a manufacturing company, CROWDCONSULTANTS supported a top strategy consulting firm with experienced IT executives for a status and risk assessment of the IT landscape in 25 sites.


• The company had pursued a growth strategy over the years by acquiring plants worldwide, but neglected to integrate the respective IT landscapes.

• This severely impeded the implementation of global synergies and overarching measures and projects.

• A well-known strategy consulting firm was commissioned with the development of a long-term IT strategy.

• In order to assess the quality of IT landscapes and the resulting risks, it was considered sensible to add experienced practitioners to the team of    

  strategy consultants.


• CROWDCONSULTANTS put together a team of experienced IT executives (including two DAX CIOs) who worked fully interlinked with the strategy     consulting team and the company’s IT leadership team.

• In joint plant visits on site as well as in comprehensive workshops, the IT landscape was subjected to an in-depth assessment of its condition from the point of view of practitioners and the risks to day-to-day business and corporate strategy were assessed.


• In a condensed quality and risk “heatmap”, the priorities for the IT strategy for management were clearly identified and necessary changes in the IT     landscape were recommended.

• The assessment was accepted and supported by all stakeholders

• The IT roadmap based on this was adopted and the budget for implementation approved by the Supervisory Board.

  • The project to implement the measures is currently underway.
were impressed by the experience and pragmatism of the IT executives employed. In future projects we will definitely repeat this approach of combining young consultants with experienced practitioners.”

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