We accompany the transformation of a company, no matter if it is about digitization, new working environments, reorganizations or exponential growth.

The focus of CROWDCONSULTANTS work as consultants and interim managers in various industries has so far been in the following areas

  • The implementation of cultural and digital change initiatives with the desired results, within budget and on schedule.
  • Support for the establishment of companies and the profiling of entrepreneurs.
  • The identification and placement of managers and specialists for project assignments or permanent employment.

Utilizing crowdsourcing in social networks, we are able to quickly and flexibly identify individual experts and put together teams according to the requirements of our customers.

As our competencies and the range of services we offer are constantly growing with our network, the following topics and case studies display only a selection of possible engagements. We would be happy to prepare an individual offer for you after a free in-depth situation and target analysis.

Start-up Support

Some of our executives are successful entrepreneurs and venture capital investors who know what it takes to realize an innovative business idea or to position themselves as freelancers in the market. They are happy to pass on this experience and leverage the related relationships with helpful service providers and potential business partners.

What distinguishes us:

  • Experience from the support of numerous startups
  • Infrastructure of CROWDCONSULTANTS as an incubator
  • Performance-related remuneration or participation as an investor.

Examples of related services are:

  • Definition of USP, business strategy and implementation planning
  • Development of business documents, contracts, logo, internet presence…
  • Establishment of IT infrastructure and IT helpdesk
  • Sourcing of executives and specialists (interim and permanent employment)
  • Free recruitment of advisory board members from our network

Case study: IT infrastructure for a startup

Case study: professionalizing and growing the sales team

Case study: Website and Infrastructure for an Entrepreneur

Project and program management

Our Executives and Digital Natives have successfully implemented some of the most complex and innovative change initiatives, including post-M&A integration, process digitization, entry into new markets, new product launches and new business development. We know the competence of our network and therefore distinguish ourselves through:

  • Executives with operational experience in similar situations,
  • Cost savings from teams of experienced executives (not paid to create PowerPoint presentations) and Digital Talents,
  • Risk minimization through performance-based remuneration.

The establishment, optimization and implementation of projects up to extensive transformation programs is one of our core competences as

  • individual interim managers or experts for a few weeks or even years
  • a “value management office” as an agile and lean centre of excellence with digital natives at its core and an experienced executive as a coach
  • consultants who help your PPM experts to develop their tools, processes and leadership approach
  • specialists in recruiting experienced experts to complement and strengthen your PPM team

Case study: IT outsourcing and data center consolidation program

Case study: optimizing project and resource management

Digital strategy & implementation planning

During the joint project assignment, our executives and “digital natives” often duel with the latest digital solutions. Even if their benefits are judged differently, CROWDCONSULTANTS are always convinced that digital strategies and initiatives should result in more effective employees and more satisfied customers. This is why we attach particular importance to developing the skills of our employees synchronously with the introduction of digital tools and processes when we support our customers in the following areas

  • development of digital business strategies in response to new challenges posed by digital technologies and to leverage digital capabilities and market opportunities
  • development, acceleration and implementation of new digital business models including consulting and start-up interim management for equity
  • development of agile plans for the pragmatic implementation of digital strategies with a portfolio of initiatives based on existing capabilities capacities and budgets

We stand out from the crowd through:

  • the combination of industry and function-specific experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art digitization options
  • performance-related remuneration of the results and not of the work units performed
  • competence-based consulting teams instead of permanent employees who need to be utilized

Case study: current-state assessment for IT strategy

Case study: IT-Transformation into SAP S/4 HANA

Organizational, IT & Process Transformation

In order to be successful in the future, every organization must continually change its basic structure, information technology and processes. Our executives know that continuous transformation requires a well-planned and sustained effort over a long period of time that cannot be delegated to consultants. They know the obstacles and pitfalls from their own experience, speak the languages of IT, human resources and other specialist areas and are therefore able to provide you with the best possible support in the following areas

  • identification of improvement potentials in your IT, processes and organizational structure
  • development of target operating models that make optimal use of your company’s capabilities and support your business strategy
  • development of practical short- and long-term implementation plans from the current to the desired status
  • ensuring that the business model, operating model organization/personnel model and IT systems are congruent

We stand out from the crowd through:

  • the combination of industry and function-specific experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art digitization options
  • performance-related remuneration of the results and not of the work units performed
  • competence-based consulting teams instead of available permanent employees who have to be utilized to capacity

Case study: strategic roadmap for an IT executive

Change Management & Communication

The successful implementation of new business strategies or digital transformation initiatives, including the introduction of new software, requires continuous employee commitment through active change management. Our executives have successfully led or supported many radical and evolutionary changes. They do not regard “change management” as a process that the top management “pushes” on the rest of the organization, but rather as

  • professionally managed change project with clear goals and KPIs
  • detailed stocktaking of the willingness and consequences of change
  • continuous open, goal-oriented dialogue
  • education and training in the event of skills shortages
  • regular stakeholder engagement mapping and coaching of important stakeholders

We stand out from the crowd through:

  • the combination of industry and function-specific experience instead of the use of available permanent employees who have to be utilized to capacity
  • performance-related remuneration of the results and not of the work units performed

Case study: Post-Merger Integration and Change-Management

Case study: Post-Merger PMO and Change Management

Recruitment of Executives and Specialists

There are central similarities between management consultancy, interim management and recruitment for temporary and permanent positions: It is always important to have a precise understanding of the required experience and skills as well as the know-how where they can be found. That’s why we use our recruiting and staffing expertise both for our consulting engagements as well as for searching for candidates for our clients and network partners.

What sets us apart from the rest is:

  • success-based remuneration – why pay for us to identify a certain number of contacted candidates? We only want to be rewarded for successful recruitment
  • experienced executives use their network and undertake the qualification of potentially interesting candidates
  • crowdsourcing via social media and numerous freelancer databases

In this way, we ensure fast, flexible and cost-effective, success-based results in

  • interim engagements and permanent appointments of executives and specialists
  • temporary employment
  • “temp-to-perm “-solutions with consultants who change to a permanent position with the customer
  • “co-working” of part-time or interim specialists for the professional bridging of longer absences of employees

Case study: recruiting a sales team

Case study: interim management for sales

Coaching and mentoring

Rapid changes, frequent upheavals and increasing complexity in the working world have established coaching and mentoring as important measures for situation management, self-reflection and personal development in recent decades.

In an environment with numerous coaching associations and hundreds of different coaching training courses, whose lack of scientific foundation is repeatedly criticized, CROWDCONSULTANTS relies on the classical approach: experience and success instead of diffuse methodological competence. In our company, successful executives pass on their experience – even those resulting from personal defeats or suboptimal decisions in retrospect. We know that experience is more important than diffuse methodological competence, and coach/mentor and coachee/mentee have to fit together in different situations.

What sets us apart from the rest is:

  • coaching / mentoring by successful executives, individually selected according to situational experience, personality as well as industry and functional competence
  • success-based remuneration – we believe in the competence of our executives and that the situational experience of a former executive cannot be defined by standard fees. Therefore, we adapt our fees to the respective situation – with a performance-related component

Typical assignments of our executives (some with various coaching certificates) are the short-term support in difficult decision-making situations or the long-term development of executives:

  • individual short or long term coaching
  • team coaching as an element of change initiatives
  • introduction and development of internal mentoring networks
  • professional mentoring by functionally and/or industry-experienced executives
  • career mentoring for individual support before, during or after career changes

Case study: coaching an IT manager

Case study: coaching a sales leader