Crowdconsultants. Work different.

We work differently. This makes our network a digital home for everyone who wants to work independently. Our employees, whether freelancers or permanent employees, not only have exceptional freedom and fun at work. They also learn from each other every day by working in tandem. At Kununu and Glassdoor, they regularly reward this with five stars.

By the way, we are not only looking for employees for ourselves but are also constantly on the lookout for new colleagues for our customers – whether as permanent employees, interim managers or external project teams.

Who we are | The Crowdconsultants as employee

A job as flexible as life itself

We work digitally and location-independently. Instead of working in a permanent office, we work for our customers, from their home office, from coworking spaces or wherever life drives us. Because we have no fixed working hours, we form tandems to be always available for our customers. We don’t care whether the contracts of our employees are part-time or full-time, permanent or freelance, or whether they have other jobs and projects on the side. It is important to us that the work fits in with their lives. We like to call them our “co-workers” because most of us are not classic full-time employees.

It’s fun working for us.

This freedom requires trust. And good communication. Our team calls are an integral part of our working week. Not only do we organize our projects and give feedback, but we also exchange information on private topics. The fact that we can laugh with and at ourselves during our calls and our regular meetings throughout Germany is extremely important to us. Our fun at work is also passed on to our customers. They confirm to us again and again that working with us is simply fun.

Every day we learn from each other

Former top managers work together with Digital Natives in changing tandems and are supported by experts. This is how we learn from each other: our executive partners gain digital skills and learn agile methods, while digital natives benefit from the wealth of experience of the managers and the specialist knowledge of the experts. However, we do not leave development to chance. In regular development meetings, we discuss the wishes of our employees and support them with further training.

A home for all who want to work independently

For us, only the experience and competence of each individual counts. We create the right environment so that they come into their own and we have fun at work. That’s why so many former top managers, digital natives and other experts join our network and become crowd consultants. Because we work differently.


Excellent employer

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What we offer

We value the strengths and opinions of each individual. That’s why every employee, whether freelance or permanent, has the freedom to contribute and implement their own ideas. Diversity is our strength! As crowdies, they not only actively shape our network, but also the cultural and digital transformation of our customers. For us, all crowdies are co-entrepreneurs. That’s why we involve everyone in important decisions and pay commissions to anyone who proposes us for a project or recommends suitable candidates for an open position.

Our large network consists of experts with very different experiences and competences. This not only enables an intensive exchange between and learning from each other. All crowdies quickly find the right experts to put together teams for their own projects or become part of a new project themselves. We also support our Executive Partners in their own marketing to make them and their expertise even more visible.

Only those who are healthy can live and work well. Our employees receive a budget for sports and health courses from our partner Machtfit. They can use this health budget freely and choose the courses that suit them in their environment.

Good work is especially rewarded by us, and not only at the end of the year. Our employees receive a direct bonus for great results or entrepreneurial ideas. Whether it’s a special holiday, a bicycle or a classic payment to your account – our bonuses are as individual as our employees themselves. But we also give gifts to our crowdies for graduation, weddings or other special occasions in life.

We work in intergenerational teams at eye level and thus learn from and with each other. Our Digital Natives benefit from the leadership experience, industry knowledge and expertise of our Executive Partners. Our Executive Partners learn digital thinking and agile methods from the Digital Natives. We also support our employees with internal mentoring and coaching as well as external further training. And thanks to our 360-degree feedback, we are constantly developing together.

Working for us is as flexible as life itself. Each of our co-workers can freely divide his working time. Whether in permanent or freelance employment, full-time or part-time, morning person or night owl – we are guided by the lives of our employees. This also enables them to pursue other passions, projects or even jobs in other companies at the same time or to save hours on a time account for a sabbatical.

We do without paper because we work digitally. When we travel to visit a customer or meet in a team, we use our Bahncards to travel by train instead of a plane, public transport or car-sharing in poorly connected places. In this way, we keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

We crowdies respect each other and support each other. How do we do that? We work in tandems. If a tandem partner is heavily strained by other projects, the other partner helps out. Working in tandem not only relieves the strain, it is also a lot of fun. In addition to our work, we enjoy our team events or joint festival visits. But we also support the families of our fellow workers, for example with a subsidy for childcare costs.

Who fits in with us? | Home for independent professionals.

Independent entrepreneurs of all generations. From working students with digital know-how to former top executives with specialist, industry and management experience. Approach problems differently. I appreciate the diversity and use it effectively. Who think and live sustainably. Who enjoys being different and changing the world of work.

The virtual interview makes you want to get more answers or/and meet more crowdies? Then join one of our next public video meet-ups, for example at:

Note: This session will be held in german language.

  • Wednesday, 01.July 2020, 6-19 pm with Dieter Große-Kreul

      Dieter Große-Kreul ist Sales Advisor und Executive Partner der Crowdconsultants.
      In Zeiten von Corona stehen Vertriebsorganisationen in allen Branchen vor der Herausforderung, wie kann ich meine laufenden Akquisitionen weiter entwickeln und wie kann ich neue Projekte aufbauen, um meine Vertriebspipeline zu füllen.
      Dieter Grosse-Kreul wird Ihnen Ansätze vorstellen, wie sie remote komplexe Vertriebsprojekte im B2B-Segment entwickeln und abschließen können.
      Was sind die kritischen Erfolgsfaktoren im Vertrieb, wenn Sie den Kunden nicht besuchen können?
      Wie schaffe Sie Vertrauen in der Distanz?
      Für welche Unternehmen ist der remote Vertrieb auch nach Corona eine gute Alternative?

Convince yourself that being a part of CROWDCONSULTANTS is fun!

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As human resources and recruiting experts, we know that getting to know the future team is absolutely helpful when deciding on a new job. Therefore: Meet the Crowdies!

Experience the diversity of the CROWDCONSULTANTS. Find out why we are different, think differently, work differently and how we are already changing the world of work. Discover if you are crazy enough for us, visionary and motivated enough to change the status quo of working and consulting.

Log in to a virtual FAQ session, tell us your name and ask us typical questions that we often answer in interviews. Let’s go: get to know us!

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Jobs and Projects

Here you will not only find jobs and projects with the crowd consultants but also with our customers.

By the way: Even if a job is advertised as a full-time job or for freelancers, but you prefer to work part-time or on a permanent basis: Nevertheless, apply and tell us in your application how you want to work. Many of our jobs can be tailored very well to your needs.

Questions and answers

Do you have any questions about one of the advertised positions? Contact our recruiting team directly.

Application tips

What do we want from you in your application?

We have put together some tips for you.

job news

No suitable job? We update our jobs and projects daily. Check back regularly or follow us on XING.

Permanent offers

Permanent Offers


Are you a former top manager and want to pass on your management experience, your industry knowledge and expertise as a consultant to other companies? As an Executive Partner with us, you are the strategic head of a project team and the central contact person for our customers.
You will work in tandem with a
Digital Native and thus acquire digital
Competences and methods of the agile
Project Management.

Contact for Executives

Torsten Ecke, himself a former CIO, is our contact for executives. Write him an email or call us to arrange a phone call or a meeting.
+49 (30) 233 291 740


Torsten Ecke

Executive Partner



Permanent Offers

Digital Natives

Do you live, work and think digitally? You are familiar with project management and agile methods like Scrum, Kanban or PRINCE2 are not Bohemian villages for you? With us, you will work as a project manager in tandem with one of our Executive Partners and learn from their management experience, their industry knowledge, and expertise. At the same time, you pass on your knowledge of agile and digital work to our top managers.

Contact for Digital Natives

You are Digital Native and you have
a question about a job?
Laura Baum and Jessica Richnow
will be happy to help you.
+49 (30) 233 291 740


Laura Baum                        

Recruiting Partner

Permanent Offers


Are you an expert in your field, enjoy your field and know how to advise other companies well?  With us, you will complement our project teams of Executive Partners and Digital Natives with your very own expertise and learn from their experience and skills. Even if project management is one of your strengths, it is a plus, but not a must.
The Digital Natives in the project
also take on this task.

Contakt for Experts

You are Digital Native and you have
a question about a job?
Laura Baum and Jessica Richnow
will be happy to help you.
+49 (30) 233 291 740


Jessica Richnow

Recruiting Partner

Tips for your application


Nice to have: Can you give references to concrete contacts? We are happy about that, because who can talk better about your work than the people you have already worked with!

First things first

Your reports and salary expectations are of secondary importance to us. If we would like to see your certificates after all, we will ask you about them later. We will talk about your salary when we have got to know each other better and you know more about the position.

Application system

Please apply exclusively using the “Apply now” button in the job advertisement, not by e-mail or post. This will enable us to assess your application quickly and best ensure the protection of your data.

Project examples

Your curriculum vitae with detailed project examples is the be-all and end-all of your application. It is also best to tell us the scope of the projects, for example in terms of budget and team size. We don’t give a damn about cover letters.


Knowledge of methods and tools is important to us. Do you have certifications such as ITIL or PRINCE2? Or are you a certified Scrum Master? You are welcome to add your certificates to your application.


Do you want to work full-time or part-time, as a permanent employee or as a freelancer? This information will help us assess whether you are a good fit for the job. A full-time job with us is often possible on a part-time basis or a freelancer job on a permanent basis.