Start-Up Support

Infrastructure for a Digital HR Management Startup

28. January 2018
CROWDCONSULTANTS helped a start-up in the area of digital human resources management to set up the IT and admin infrastructure and optimize market positioning.


First successful go-to-market activities of a start-up of human resources and digitization experts.

In order to strengthen market success, the company’s image was to be professionalised and the IT infrastructure optimised.



In 3 joint workshops, an experienced strategy executive from CROWDCONSULTANTS supported the founding team in revising their company presentation.

2 CROWDCONSULTANTS Digital Natives created
an IT structure based on Office 365 with mail, SharePoint and cloud archiving
templates for all essential business documents with a uniform CI



Clearer market positioning and basic infrastructure geared to the upcoming growth phase,

professional in only about 4 weeks of part-time work,

50% cheaper than alternative offers.