Change Management & Communication

Post-Merger Integration and Change-Management

8. February 2018
CROWDCONSULTANTS supported the merger of two medium-sized European retailers in the technology and services sector with around 750 specialty stores and 2,000 employees.


• High shareholder expectations concerning short-term profitability increases based coming from aggressive growth and simultaneous leverage of     synergies to reduce costs.

• Different corporate cultures and market positions.

• Heterogeneous products, processes, IT architecture and applications.


• A former executive with change management and communication experience acted part-time as a professional, neutral accompaniment of

   • internal and external stakeholder expectation analysis (online survey plus personal interviews);

   • several management workshops to develop a common corporate vision, strategy and organizational structure;

   • the development and implementation of the integration roadmap;

   • various communication measures.

• Establishment of a Value Management Office with a Digital Native and employees of both companies for

   • steering of the various integration projects (managed by 2 specialists from each of the two companies) including coaching of individual project managers;

   • Quick-Wins-identification and implementation support;

   • regular progress communication to management and employees.


• Preservation of existing customers and double-digit growth in year 1 after the merger.

• Uniform market presence / rebranding after a few months.

• Considerable mid-term synergy effects through standardization of procurement, marketing, IT systems and integration of central functions.