Change Management & Communication

Post-Merger PMO and Change-Management

8. February 2018
CROWDCONSULTANTS supported the merger of two medium-sized consulting companies with very different cultures and systems.


• One of the two companies had already lost more than 50% of its employees and many customers as a result of a previous merger.

• Different cultures and career models increased the risk of other key players leaving the company.

• Heterogeneous processes, IT-architecture and -applications.


• A former executive with change management and communication experience in part-time as a professional, neutral accompaniment of

   • internal and external stakeholder expectations analysis,

   • development of change management concept and communication plan,

   • communication measures.

• Establishment of a project management office with a Digital Native and one employee from each company for

   • control of the various integration sub-projects (including strategy, customers, organization and processes, IT, employees and culture) in cooperation     with professionals from the participating companies;

   • identification of quick wins and implementation support;

   • regular progress updates to management and employees.


• 100% of existing customers with the acquisition of two new customers due to joint market presence with complementary competences.

• Employee churn reduced to industry-standard switching rates through

   • uniform career and target agreement model;

   • ongoing communication about integration planning and progress;

  • special awards for cross-team successes;

   • new, more exciting employer branding in relevant social media channels.

Reduced complexity and costs by unifying the IT-architecture and application standards within 6 months.