Project and program management

Programme Management IT Outsourcing and Data Center Consolidation

28. January 2018
A team of CROWDCONSULTANTS supported a financial institution’s IT outsourcing efforts by building an optimized program structure and introducing effective program management to successfully complete the delayed program.


• A complex IT outsourcing program (migration of >500 applications and closure of four data centers) had run into a severe delay.
• The simultaneous staff reductions and the ensuing loss of important knowledge leaders led to uncertainty and a difficult working environment.


• Establishment of a Value Management Office focused on achieving the programme’s objectives in order to successfully complete the delayed programme under the existing resource constraints:
• Re-organisation of programme governance to better meet programme objectives and resource shortage
• Creation of a transparent foundation for programme management through integrated programme plans and the introduction of active risk management
• Development of efficient reporting structures
• Operational support of (sub-)project managers


• Successful reduction of project delay
• Improved communication led to a reduction of uncertainties and increased commitment of the parties involved
• Greater stakeholder satisfaction through greater transparency
• Significant improvement in risk management – confirmed by external audit
• Successful completion of the program within the planned time and budget