Recruitment of Executives and Specialists

Recruiting of a Sales Team

28. January 2018 CROWDCONSULTANTS helped a market leader in the field of digitization of human resource management processes in companies and institutions to expand the sales team applying fully performance-based remuneration.


• The existing sales team was successful, but had

   • too little capacity and experience to convert the large number of leads into profitable deals quickly enough;

   • too little experience to convince more large companies of the offered solution.

• High demand / low supply of suitable sales staff.

• Due to the limited success of its own search advertisements and previous experience, the company shied away from the usual fixed advance fees in the HR consulting industry.


• Free use of the CROWDCONSULTANTS staffing team for

   • creation of requirement profiles for 3 different positions;

   • creation of search ads for job portals and social media;

  • placement of discounted job advertisements on 2 job portals;

  • positioning wanted advertisements in the CROWDCONSULTANTS network;

  • direct contact with potential candidates via social media;

  • qualification of candidates by experienced sales executives.

• 20% of the target salary as a performance fee in case of successful placement/sample period.


• Successful filling of 50% of vacant positions within 2 months and a further 50% within 5 months.

• Favourable solution without cost risk due to exclusively performance-based remuneration at the lower end of standard market conditions.

• 1 year replacement guarantee in case of resignation on the candidate’s side.