Organizational, IT & Process Transformation

Strategic Roadmap for an IT-Executive

19. January 2018
CROWDCONSULTANTS helped the new Head of IT Service Delivery of an automotive supplier to develop a strategic transformation roadmap supported by all major stakeholders within just 20 days. The implementation of this roadmap led to an improvement in service quality and reduced costs within a short period of time. 


• Leading global automotive supplier with more than 25,000 employees and 40 production sites.

• Our client, the new Head of IT Service Delivery, was hired to improve the quality of services while reducing costs.

• Our client quickly needed a new IT services strategy and roadmap for implementation based on

   • a detailed analysis of the status quo,

   • Comparison to Best Practices,

   • Coordination with the corporate strategy and

   • Consent of all major stakeholders.


• A junior project manager with part-time support from an experienced executive.

• A web-based survey of key stakeholders (team and customers) to identify challenges, opportunities and the degree of alignment.

• Recommendations for the global standardization of the organization, processes and KPIs.

• A 2-day-workshop with the management team for the

   • Definition and aggregation of goals and tasks derived from the status quo analysis and corporate strategy,

   • Prioritization of tasks based on resources availability,

   • Agreement on responsibilities and governance to guide implementation.


• A simple and transparent 2-year transformation roadmap for all stakeholders with actions, milestones and responsibilities derived from the corporate strategy and tailored to resources available.

• In just 20 days, our client reached the buy-in of key stakeholders to implement a new IT services operating model for all global activities.

• Clear KPI-based targets for target agreement/scorecards of management.

• 20% increase in service quality at 15% lower costs within 1 year.

CROWDCONSULTANTS did an excellent fast track job, especially by combining a project manager for day-to-day project activities with part-time support by a former IT-executive who has been immediately trusted by my team

Ronny Nietsch, Head of IT Service Delivery, BorgWarner Europe