CROWDCONSULTANTS was founded in 2016 as crowd-based consulting, execution and staffing service by a group of digital natives and former C-level executives who have successfully supported and delivered some of the most innovative and highest profile transformation initiatives in corporate history across a broad range of industries.

Our Mission

Agile, professional, cost-effective and sustainably successful implementation of digital and cultural transformation initiatives through crowd-based competences across generations, functions and industries.
Our Approach

We convince our clients with
  • sustainable solutions from integrating consulting, interim management and staffing expertise,
  • generation-bridging experience of former C-level executives and digital natives,
  • flexibility and speed by crowd-sourcing additional client-specific expertise on demand,
  • cost efficiency based on consistent digital, agile and lean infrastructure.
Our Clients Benefits

Since our launch, we have already received a lot of encouragement for our "Consulting 4.0“ approach. In our regular satisfaction surveys our customers have particularly highlighted the following advantages:
  • unique know-how from years of C-level executive experience and state-of-the-art knowledge of digital natives,
  • cost advantages from consistent digitalization and avoiding physical infrastructure and expensive marketing campaigns,
  • commitment by demonstrating openness to pay-for-performance,
  • professionalism through consistent, regular quality assurance,
  • creative and sustainable solutions by combining consulting, interim management and staffing support.