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We will be shortly relaunching our job market with a new look and feel.

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By the way: Even if a job is advertised as a full-time job or for freelancers, but you prefer to work part-time or on a permanent basis – simply apply and tell us in your application how you want to work. Many of our jobs can be tailored to your needs.
Do you have any questions about one of the advertised positions? Contact our recruiting team directly: +49 (30) 233 291 740


Are you a former top manager and want to pass on your management experience, your industry knowledge and expertise as a consultant to other companies? As an Executive Partner with us, you are the strategic head of a project team and the central contact person for our customers.
You will work in tandems with digital natives and thus acquire digital competences and get to know the latest agile methods.

Do you live, work and think in digital terms? You embrace technology, are familiar with project management and agile methods? With us, you will work as a project manager in tandem with one of our Executive Partners and learn from their management and industry experience and expertise. In return, you pass on your knowledge of agile and digital work to our top managers.

Are you an expert in your field, bring along hands-on experience and know-how to advise other companies? With us, you will complement our project teams of Executive Partners and Digital Natives with your own expertise and learn from their experience and skills.


Torsten Ecke, a former CIO himself, is our contact for executives. Write him an email or call us to arrange a phone call or a meeting.
+49 (30) 233 291 740


You are Digital Native, and you have a question about a job? Edyta Łęcka and Laura Baum will be happy to provide further information.
+49 (30) 233 291 740


You are Digital Native and you have a question about a job? Laura Baum and Jessica Richnow will be happy to help you.
+49 (30) 233 291 740



Nice to have: Can you give references to concrete contacts? We are happy about that, because who can talk better about your work than the people you have already worked with!

First things first

Your reports and salary expectations are of secondary importance to us. If we would like to see your certificates after all, we will ask you about them later. We will talk about your salary when we have got to know each other better and you know more about the position.

Application system

Please apply exclusively using the “Apply now” button in the job advertisement, not by e-mail or postal mail. This will enable us to assess your application quickly and best ensure the protection of your data.

Project examples

Your curriculum vitae with detailed project examples is the be-all and end-all of your application. It is also best to tell us the scope of the projects, for example in terms of budget and team size. We don’t give a damn about cover letters.


Knowledge of methods and tools is important to us. Do you have certifications such as ITIL or PRINCE2? Or are you a certified Scrum Master? You are welcome to add your certificates to your application.


Do you want to work full-time or part-time, as a permanent employee or as a freelancer? This information will help us assess whether you are a good fit for the job. A full-time job with us is often possible on a part-time basis or a freelancer job on a permanent basis.