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We work differently. Our employees (or „co-workers“ as we call them), whether freelancers or permanent employees, not only enjoy exceptional freedom, but also have a unique opportunity to grow by working in tandems with outstanding people – in a work environment built on trust and respecting everyone’s personal situation. This is what makes our network a digital home for everyone who wants to work independently. By the way, we are not only eager to find new colleagues for ourselves but are also constantly looking for new colleagues for our clients – whether as permanent employees, interim managers or for project teams.

A job as flexible as life itself

We are challenging the boundaries of the classic workplace. As New Work pioneers we work independent of work hours or location – leveraging digitization, new technology and trust in the people we work with. Instead of working in a permanent office, we offer the flexibility to work from home, from coworking spaces or wherever life takes us. Instead of fixed working hours we form tandems to offer flexible working time while always being available for our customers. We don’t care whether the contracts of our employees are part-time or full-time, permanent or freelance, or whether they have other jobs and projects on the side. It is important to us that the work fits in with their lives.

It’s fun working for us.

Freedom and flexibility requires trust…and exceptional communication. Virtual coworking, frequent check-ins, and regular team calls are a vital part of our working week. Not only do we exchange information on projects and give each other feedback, we also discuss private matters. The fact that we can laugh with each other during our virtual calls and our regular meetings throughout Germany is extremely important to us. Having fun with what we do is also passed on to our clients – who claim that working with us is easy and refreshing.

We learn from each other every single day

Former top managers work together with Digital Natives in rotating tandems, supported by subject-matter experts. This is how we learn from each other: our Executive Partners gain digital skills and learn agile methods while Digital Natives benefit from the extensive experience of former top managers and the specialist knowledge of the experts. However, we do not leave development to chance. Through constant mentoring and frequent personal development discussions, we align the wishes of our co-workers and support them with further training – again, regardless of whether they are permament colleagues or freelancers working with us.

A home for all who want to work independently

Our aim is to provide a flexible environment in which everyone can bring in experience and competence, have fun and is not bound to fixed hours, location, a certain contractual model or anything . That’s why so many former top managers, digital natives and other experts join our network and become CROWDCONSULTANTS: work different.


As human resources and recruiting experts, we know that getting to know the future team is absolutely helpful when deciding for a new job. Therefore: Meet the Crowdies! Experience the diversity of the CROWDCONSULTANTS. Find out why we are different, think differently, work differently and how we are already changing the world of work. Discover if you are crazy enough for us, visionary and motivated enough to change the status quo of working and consulting. Log in to a virtual FAQ session, tell us your name and we’ll answer typical questions that we are often asked in interviews. Let’s go: get to know us! And then let us know why you want to be a „Crowdie“ or why not:



Diversity is our asset! We value the strengths, expertise and opinions of each individual. That’s why all of our co-workers, whether freelance or permanent, do not only have the freedom but are explicitly welcome to contribute and implement their own ideas. As Crowdies, they actively shape our own network as well as the cultural and digital transformation of our clients. For us, everyone is a co-entrepreneur. That’s why we involve everyone in important decisions and pay commissions to anyone who contributes to our business, e.g. by promoting us for a project or recommends suitable candidates for a vacant position.


Commitment and entrepreneurial effort is highly appraised and rewarded – not only at the end of the year. Our employees receive an instant bonus for great results or entrepreneurial ideas. Whether it’s a special holiday, a bicycle or a rather classic bonus payment – our bonuses are as individual as our colleagues themselves. Plus, we celebrate special occasions in life such as graduation from college, a wedding, a newborn or achieving a life goal by organizing an event or a gift.


For us, sustainability has various facets. With regards to environmental sustainability, we are almost paperless and avoid daily commute to an office through remote working and a digital infrastructure. When we travel to clients or have an on-site team meeting we use our BahnCards to rather travel by train instead of a plane, use public transport or car-pooling – keeping our ecological footprint as low as possible. Economic and social sustainability are driven by our focus on long-term client relationships rather than quick earnings and our participation in social charity programs or pro-bono consulting.


Our agile network consists of experts with very different experiences and competences. This not only enables an intensive exchange between and learning from each other but also helps us to quickly identify the right experts for our own as well as client projects. We also support our Executive Partners in their own marketing endeavours to make them and their expertise even more visible.


We work in cross-generational teams without hierarchies and thus learn from and with each other. Our Digital Natives benefit from the leadership experience, industry knowledge and expertise of our Executive Partners while our Executive Partners learn about digital tools and an agile mindset from the Digital Natives. We also support our employees with mentoring and coaching as well as further external training…and thanks to our 360-degree feedback, we are constantly growing together.


We respect and support each other. How? We work in tandems. If a tandem partner is heavily strained by other projects or private challenges, the tandem partner helps out. Working in tandems is not only relieves the strain, but is also a lot of fun. We love our work, but we enjoy our team events or joint festival visits just as much…and we also know that life is not always easy. That’s why we also support the families of our Crowdies, for example with a subsidy for childcare costs.


While many companies focus on a work-life balance, we are convinced that this approach is too short-sighted. On the one hand, we offer flexibility to perfectly blend work and private life according to each individual’s needs. On the other hand, we believe that work has to be fun in order to not be seen as a burden. In addition our co-workers receive a personal budget for sports and health courses which they can use to choose the courses that suit them in their personal situation – because healthy colleagues (both physically and mentally) are happy colleagues.


Working for and with us is as flexible as life itself. All of our co-workers can decide on their working time for themselves, because everyone has own preferences on what is the best time to work. Whether in permanent or freelance employment, full-time or part-time, morning person or night owl – we are guided by the lives of our colleagues. This also enables them to pursue other passions, projects or even jobs in other companies at the same time or to save up hours on a time account for a longer break such as a sabbatical.


We take care of our employees and partners! That’s why they frequently reward us with five-star ratings on employer scoring portals such as kununu or Glasdoor.


Damiano Albrecht 

Managing Partner

Damiano is an innovation and change expert who enjoys setting up and managing complex IT and transformation projects. With industry experience, he guides and accompanies our clients on their way into the digital age. In addition, he helps start-ups and founders to exploit the full potential of their business models and to reach the next level of maturity through consistent project management. Damiano is also passionate about disruptive business models, photography and travel.

Peter Bachsleitner

Managing Partner

Peter supports our clients in their transformation into the era of New Work. The basis for this is his expertise and many years of experience as a top executive in the areas of strategy, project and change management. Through his many years of experience as an entrepreneur, HR and management consultant and top executive, Peter accompanies companies through today’s change through project and change management. This includes the development of a strong employer brand, the placement of specialists and executives as well as the consulting of executives.


Our network of former top executives is growing fast – making it hard to keep track on the website. Stay tuned for our upcoming relaunch later this year with a revised partner section.