Leading graffiti artist CAN2 creates special encouragement for CROWDCONSULTANTS addressing CORONA

Berlin, 22.12.2020 – Leading German graffiti artist CAN2 spray-painted FFP2 masks tagged with the term “HOPE” as special give-away for partners of CROWDCONSULTANTS, the pioneer of Consulting 4.0 and trailblazer of New Work principles. The company intends to distribute some of these art collectibles alongside its brand relaunch in January 2021.

Artistic coronavirus memory and encourager

With “HOPE” spray-painted on FFP2-masks, leading graffiti artist CAN2 created a sign of confidence, encouraging us to bring more colour into urban spaces whilst staying safe and hopeful for better times to come. Each of the 150 personally signed masks has a unique colouring as foundation for the stencil “HOPE” with the globe representing the “O”. “We are so happy about and energized by what CAN2 created from the initial idea for our brand relaunch: Work Different across generations” appreciates Peter Bachsleitner, co-founder and Managing Partner of CROWDCONSULTANTS. “Although the masks are wearable, I believe everyone will decide to frame them as lasting memory of the coronavirus pandemic and likely sought-after art collectible.”


CROWDCONSULTANTS is a leading provider of high-end staffing solutions and pioneer in Consulting 4.0, focused on leveraging consistent digitalization, sharing economy principles and crowdsourcing of intergenerational teams. The company has received multiple awards for trailblazing New Work principles and demonstrating the advantages of self-determined remote working. This guarantees a high level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability as well as regular 5-star ratings by enthusiastic employees and satisfied customers such as ALDI, DKMS, European Space Agency, EUMETSAT, Ionity, Knauf, STADA, Wittur and numerous start-ups.

About CANT2

CANTWO, aka CAN2, is one of the internationally celebrated bedrocks of the German graffiti scene. He experiences global representation in galleries and exhibitions, including the German Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai/China, sat on various juries at graffiti competitions and has been voted “best sprayer in the world” several times by the readers of Juice Magazine. He considers himself a “semi-wildstyle” artist, whilst observers of the German graffiti community would rather call his style “classic old school”. His work is easy to recognize due to his typical comic-style characters and 3D-letters with dynamic shading and electrifying colour. He has a specific formula for a good wall: nice colouring, funky characters, and wild, but readable letters. This helped to manifest his recognition amongst fellow artists as well as international collectors and global brands seeking his support.

More on CANTWO, his works and philosophy at www.cantwo.com or @cantwo on Instagram.

Please do not hesitate to contact for further information: Peter Bachsleitner, Managing Partner CROWDCONSULTANTS peter.bachsleitner@crowdconsultants.com, Telephone +49 151 16323946