CROWDCONSULTANTS collaborate with artist Klaus Jörres for New Year greetings

Berlin, 22.12.2020 – As in previous years, business partners of CROWDCONSULTANTS, pioneer in new work and consulting 4.0, will be surprised with artistic New Year’s greetings. Berlin-based painter Klaus Jörres has designed one of his typical hallucinogenic grid structures for a special limited edition digital C-print.

Digital techno for the eyes

Klaus Jörres works have been referenced to as hallucinogenic whirlpool and techno for the eyes. In times of digitalization and increasing remote work, Klaus works remind us to regularly pause from the screen and the constant pressure of interaction, to relax our eyes and restart our human systems. For CROWDCONSULTANTS 2020/21 New Year greetings Klaus found a unique way to combine his classic grid structures with the company‘s colour code into an image that looks like a flickering screen when the server is hung up. “We have been fascinated by Klaus’ work for quite some time and are extremely happy that we were able to establish this cooperation,” explains Peter Bachsleitner, co-founder and Managing Partner of CROWDCONSULTANTS. “As pioneer in trust-based digitized working, our teams have somehow been guinea pigs in finding the best ways to manage the constant challenge between the drive to stay tuned and the need to relax. And we found that it definitely helps to establish a stable grid separating time on and time off.”


CROWDCONSULTANTS is a leading provider of high-end staffing solutions and pioneer in Consulting 4.0, focused on leveraging consistent digitalization, sharing economy principles and crowdsourcing of intergenerational teams. The company has received multiple awards for trailblazing New Work principles and demonstrating the advantages of self-determined remote working. This guarantees a high level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability as well as regular 5-star ratings by enthusiastic employees and satisfied customers such as ALDI, DKMS, European Space Agency, EUMETSAT, Ionity, Knauf, STADA, Wittur and numerous start-ups.

About Klaus Jörres

Klaus Jörres studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as well as photography and video at the University of the Arts Berlin, Germany, in the class of Professor Katharina Sieverding. Since then, he has received international recognition with various exhibitions, residencies and awards, including the Goslar Kaiserring Scholarship in 2004. The basic element of his paintings is the grid, which is considered a defining formal principle of modernist visual languages. In his works, grids always reveal their conceivable past as line patterns in a different way, just as line patterns reveal their possible future as grids. Based on digital image designs he creates the stylized form of a picture carrier covered with colour in the usual cross-hatching. Shifts, rotations, superimpositions and cut outs of the linear structures develop image interferences and quasi-narrative forms into ever new images, which move back and forth between technical image interference and abstract image space.

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